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Renewal by Andersen® Window Replacement & Patio Door Installation in Troy, NY

Residents of Troy can experience unparalleled window replacement and patio door installation services through Renewal by Andersen Albany. We deliver high-quality, energy-efficient, and custom-designed windows and doors that set us apart and exceed your expectations.

Renewal by Andersen® Signature Service

Superior product.

The innovative Fibrex® material used in our windows combines the strength and insulative qualities of wood with the low maintenance of vinyl, making it superior to standard window materials. It’s designed for longevity and exceptional performance in Troy’s climate.

Hassle free process.

From your initial consultation to the final installation, our experts in Troy provide a seamless, stress-free experience. We handle every detail with precision and care, ensuring a smooth transition to your new windows and doors.

Unrivaled beauty.

Customization is at the heart of what we do. Choose from a vast selection of styles, colors, and hardware options to create windows and patio doors that perfectly align with your home’s aesthetics.

Long term value.

Investing in Renewal by Andersen windows and doors means investing in the future of your Troy home. Our products are built to withstand the test of time, maintaining their beauty and functionality for years to come, with comprehensive warranty coverage for added peace of mind.

4-Step Process

Design Consultation

It all starts with your vision. Our consultants work closely with you to understand your needs, preferences, and the unique aspects of your Troy home to tailor our services accordingly.

Project Planning

Precision is key. We take exact measurements and prepare meticulously to ensure a perfect fit for every window and door, tailored specifically to your home’s specifications.


Our Certified Master Installers, renowned for their skill and attention to detail, execute the installation process with the utmost respect for your property, ensuring a flawless finish.

Customer Care

Our relationship with you doesn’t end once the installation is complete. We remain at your service for any follow-up needs, from maintenance tips to warranty support.

Our Products

Replacement Windows

At Renewal by Andersen, we specialize in delivering top-notch window replacement services tailored to meet the diverse needs and preferences of homeowners, ensuring a perfect match for every architectural style and personal aesthetic. Each replacement window we offer is designed with your needs in mind. From the initial design consultation to the final installation, our team works closely with you to understand your specific requirements. We offer several customization options, including a selection of interior and exterior colors, hardware choices, and grille designs, enabling you to fine-tune every detail of your windows to align with your personal style.

Awning Windows

Compact and versatile, awning windows hinge at the top and open outward, allowing for ventilation even during light rain. Ideal for adding natural light and airflow in hard-to-reach areas.

Bay & Bow Windows

Bay windows consist of three panels set at angles, projecting outward from the home, while bow windows are curved, creating a rounded appearance on the exterior. Both styles expand interior space, provide panoramic views, and enhance curb appeal.

Casement Windows

Featuring a side-hinged design, casement windows open outward to full ventilation with the turn of a handle. Perfect for catching breezes and providing unobstructed views.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows open horizontally with one sash sliding past the other. This space-saving design is ideal for areas with limited exterior space and provides ample ventilation.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows have two sashes that move up and down, offering versatile ventilation options. Their tilt-in feature makes them easy to clean from the inside.

Picture Windows

Designed to provide a clear, unobstructed view of the outside, picture windows are stationary and do not open, maximizing natural light and enhancing energy efficiency.

Specialty Windows

Available in a wide array of shapes, sizes, and styles, specialty windows can be uniquely tailored to fit any design requirement or architectural feature of your home.

Patio Doors in Troy, NY

Combine indoor comfort with outdoor beauty with Renewal by Andersen patio doors in Troy. Choose from contemporary sliding doors, traditional French doors, or sliding French doors to find the style that best complements your home and lifestyle in Troy. Explore our patio door styles today and contact our local office to get started.

Sliding Glass Patio Door

With their sleek, minimalist design, these patio doors maximize glass area for an unobstructed view, blending indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly. The sliding operation is smooth and effortless, making them a modern choice for any home.

French Sliding Patio Door

Combining the traditional styling of French doors with the space-saving convenience of a sliding design, these patio doors offer the best of both worlds. They provide a classic, elegant look while requiring less floor space.

French Hinged Patio Door

These doors swing open from the center, offering a timeless design that adds a touch of sophistication to your home. Hinged French patio doors are ideal for creating a grand entrance to your outdoor living space.

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Impressive professionalism all around. From the Sales Representative to the scheduler. Installation was completed in a timely fashion. Clean up was perfectly accomplished. All in all, a most positive experience!

Your team did an excellent job from the first phone call to the completion of the project. They met my schedule and exceeded my expectations which were high, to begin with. Thank you.

The installation crew was amazing! Very professional, clean, respectful and informative. Highly pleased with the installation/craftmanship.

Proudly Serving Troy and the Surrounding Areas

Proudly serving the Troy area, Renewal by Andersen Albany is here to transform your home with our exceptional window replacement and patio door installation services. Get in touch today to start your home improvement project with the experts you can trust. Schedule your free, in-home design consultation.

Renewal by Andersen Signature Fibrex® Material

Superior Strength and Durability: Fibrex® material’s composition, which includes 40% recycled wood fiber by weight, ensures it is twice as strong as vinyl. This strength allows for slimmer frames and more glass area, maximizing your view and natural light without compromising window integrity or performance.
Exceptional Energy Efficiency: The thermal insulative properties of Fibrex® material help reduce heat transfer, keeping your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. When combined with high-performance glass options, Fibrex® material significantly enhances the energy efficiency of your windows, potentially leading to savings on heating and cooling costs.
Resistance to Weather and Aging: Unlike purely wooden frames that may warp, rot, or fade over time, or vinyl frames that may become brittle and crack in extreme temperatures, Fibrex® material is engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions and resist fading and cracking. This durability ensures that your windows will retain their beauty and functionality for years to come, even in challenging climates.
Low Maintenance: The durability of Fibrex® material means that windows made from this composite require little maintenance. Unlike wood, there’s no need to repaint or refinish Fibrex® material to keep your windows looking their best, saving time and effort over the life of the window.

Get in Touch with Us

Call Renewal by Andersen in Eastern NY to schedule your in-home consultation today. Our professionals are committed to simplifying every step of the process, so you can enjoy your new home improvement sooner than you think. Contact us to learn more about our hassle-free, 4-step process.